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July, 2014

OPEN: Registration for the 2014 SGIA & FlexTech Printed Electronics Symposium
Jul 1, 2014
SGIA and the FlexTech Alliance have partnered to host the 2014 Printed Electronics Symposium (Las Vegas, October 21–22) at the SGIA Expo (Las Vegas, October 22–24). This event brings a diverse group of highly sought-after leaders together from key organizations in a collaborative setting to share their considerable knowledge and practical perspectives on how to profit from these technologies today. Register and get a firsthand look at the latest technical advancements and production processes that are driving this growing industry.

May, 2014

FlexTech Project to Scale Up and Print Functional Devices on a Commercial Press Completed by Clemson University and PARC
May 27, 2014
Among the principal challenges facing developers is transitioning printed electronics research conducted in a laboratory to meet the demands of large-scale production. To better understand and address these issues, Clemson University and PARC, a Xerox company, collaborated and recently completed a FlexTech Alliance –funded project to investigate the scaling up and printing of functional devices on a commercial printing press. This project focused on the gravure printing process.

Imprint Energy Completes FlexTech Alliance’s Printed Battery Project
May 19, 2014
FlexTech Alliance, an industry consortium for flexible, printed electronics, today announced the completion of its project with Imprint Energy of Alameda, Calif., for the print manufacturing of ultrathin, flexible, and rechargeable batteries.

FlexTech Workshop Reveals End User Needs for Flexible Electronics
May 15, 2014
The University of Akron and the National Polymer Innovation Center (NPIC) hosted FlexTech’s Workshop on End User Requirements for Flexible, Printed Electronics. Co-sponsored by NorTech, northeast Ohio’s economic development agency, the event drew 65 representatives from OEMs and supply chain companies.

FlexTech Alliance, Cal Poly Complete Screen Printing Study for Printed Electronics Applications
May 1, 2014
FlexTech Alliance today announced the completion of a one year, $40,000 study to explore the capabilities of screen printing electronics with the Graphic Communication Department at the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly).

February, 2014

The Flexible Electronics Revolution is Underway
Feb 24, 2014
The adoption of flexible electronics by Fortune 500 companies is inevitable and an impressive array of its representatives have made that clear. The technologies are poised to make huge inroads into the marketplace once devices are produced in quantity and standards are written to guide manufacturing and integration which will enable the purchase of meaningful volumes.

University of California - Berkeley and Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo Awarded $300,000 Printed Sensor Node Contract by FlexTech Alliance
Feb 23, 2014
The FlexTech Alliance, in partnership with the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), recently awarded The University of California at Berkeley and California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo a contract to deliver fully-integrated, printed, self-rechargeable wireless sensor nodes for engine and motor condition monitoring.

Manufacturers and Supply Chain Companies Gear Up for Flexible Electronics
Feb 10, 2014
Supply chain advances are building the foundation for flexible, printed electronics, while volume manufacturers are quickly addressing their production challenges. These were the two takeaways from the 13th Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference & Exhibition, held February 4-6, 2014 in Phoenix, Ariz., sponsored by the FlexTech Alliance. World-class companies, government experts, and leading universities and R&D organizations shared the results of their efforts to commercialize this rapidly-expanding field.

SGIA & FlexTech Partner to Provide Electronic Printing Community Best Opportunities
Feb 6, 2014
SGIA and the FlexTech Alliance today announced a new partnership for the 2014 Printed Electronics & Membrane Switch Symposium (Las Vegas, October 21–22) at the SGIA Expo, to offer attendees and suppliers an extensive educational line-up and packed trade-show floor.

2014 FLEXI Awards Recognize R&D, Innovation and Education Achievements
Feb 4, 2014
FlexTech Alliance today announced the recipients of the 2014 FLEXI Awards. Imprint Energy, MC-10, Plastic Logic and ISORG, and Dr. Bruce Kahn were recognized for their significant contributions in innovation, R&D, and Education, respectively.

Flexible Electronics at Tipping Point
Feb 4, 2014
Flexible electronics is at the tipping point of widespread market appeal and will increasingly be found in a range of “smart” products. This was the conclusion shared by industry experts and market analysts who addressed the 13th Annual Flexible and Printed Electronics & Exhibition. The event, which began a 3 day run today in Phoenix, Ariz., attracted strong attendance and featured advancements in the field of flexible, printed electronics and displays.

January, 2014

Johns Hopkins University Awarded $237,000 Printable and Flexible Sensor Contract by FlexTech Alliance
Jan 23, 2014
The FlexTech Alliance recently awarded Johns Hopkins University a contract to deliver printable and flexible dosimetric sensors for correlating cumulative environmental vapor exposure to incidence of respiratory disorders.

December, 2013

Soligie Receives Two R&D Awards from FlexTech Alliance
Dec 13, 2013
Consortium Coordinates Funding from Army Research Laboratory and Special Operations Command To Develop and Fund Project Demonstrators

FlexTech Alliance Introduces Wearable and Disposable Electronics Users Groups
Dec 12, 2013
As flexible electronics explode in the $1 billion printed electronics market, FlexTech Alliance drives adoption where advanced technology can create a competitive advantage

FlexTech Issues 2014 Request for Proposals in Flexible, Printed Electronics
Dec 9, 2013
FlexTech Alliance has issued its 2014 Request for Proposals (RFP) for cutting edge tools, materials, and processes related to building and demonstrating specific flexible and printed electronics. The consortium will oversee and administer more than $3.5M in new funds provided by the U.S. Government through the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) for the advancement of this next-generation electronics area.

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