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Michael Ciesinski - President & CEO
Michael Ciesinski is CEO of the FlexTech Alliance, appointed in April 1995. FlexTech is a private/public partnership chartered with building the infrastructure for electronic display and flexible electronics manufacturing. FlexTech Alliance sponsors and conducts a multi-million dollar technology development program, as well as industry technical, financial and market information events.

FlexTech Alliance, under Michael Ciesinski’s direction, manages a creative R&D program and delivers electronic industry expertise with value-added information on market and technology trends. Since 1993, FlexTech has identified 125+projects and coordinated more than $150M in R&D directed to the flat panel display (FPD) and flexible electronics supply chain. Industry cost-share funds have exceeded 60% of the total FlexTech R&D program. The consortium has issued reports on a variety of topics including material handing in the FPD industry, near-to-the-eye (NTE) display products, roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing, and an analysis of the flexible lighting market. Most recently, FlexTech helped to create and now manages the Laser Illuminated Projector Association. FlexTech also created and managed the 3D@Home Consortium until 2012.

Prior to joining FlexTech Alliance, Ciesinski was employed by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), an international trade group serving the capital equipment and materials industry. Promoted to SEMI’s Vice President and Director of North American Operations, he managed the Information and Communications Group, which included market data, on-line market reports, education and training, and marketing/public relations.

Michael Ciesinski was formerly a senior staff member of the New York State Labor-Management Committee. He began his professional career as a director of research activity and field operations for the New York State Legislature, with emphasis on local government and economic development activity.

A graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, Ciesinski is a member of the Board of Directors of the FlexTech Alliance and the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing at Binghamton University, among other appointments.

Dr. Malcolm J. Thompson - Chief Technology Advisor
Malcolm J. Thompson, PhD, is the Chief Technology Advisor for FlexTech Alliance, where he is responsible for the organization’s Technical Program.

Dr Thompson has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor, telecom and display industries. Before joining FlexTech Alliance, Dr. Thompson was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RPO, Inc., from 2006 to 2011, developing touch screen technology. Dr. Thompson has also held executive positions at companies such as Vitex Systems, PARC, dpiX, and Novalux.

Dr. Thompson has been involved in numerous advisory roles within industry, as well as with the Department of Defense. He currently serves as president of MJT Associates and Chairman of the Board of Photon Dynamics, Inc.

Dr. Thompson received his Ph.D. degree at the University of Brighton, Sussex, where he studied semiconductors.

Heidi Hoffman - Director
As a Director for FlexTech, Hoffman serves as the Managing Director of the Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) and ensures that the association is operating effectively and providing industry-enabling services to its member companies and affiliated organizations. Hoffman serves on the Governing Board of LIPA as a non-voting member. Hoffman also leads the marketing and communications efforts for FlexTech Alliance, working to communicate to members the ongoing advocacy efforts of FlexTech on behalf of the its members and how the organization acts as a catalyst for the new electronics paradigm introduced with the invention of flexible and printed electronics.

Prior to this position, Hoffman held a variety of responsibilities within FlexTech (and before that as USDC), primarily in the business development, user group management, marketing, communications and events areas. Her involvement with FlexTech began at its inception in 1993 where her roles included management of USDC’s government affairs with its federal partners in the Washington D.C. offices.

Hoffman took a brief hiatus from USDC while directing corporate communications for Novalux, Inc., a start-up that developed lasers for telecom and displays, and also when serving as manager of flat panel display activities and as Washington Representative for Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International (SEMI). Hoffman also lead the Flat Panel Division of SEMI’s operations for several years including the creation of FPD shows in the U.S., Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Heidi began her career as an International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Department of Commerce, where she built industry ties between the government and the private-sector, and analyzed the competitiveness of the U.S. electronics industry. Heidi received her formal education in International Relations at Mankato State University in Minnesota and follow on coursework in Technology Management at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Michelle Fabiano - Manager of Industry Events

Michelle Fabiano joined FlexTech Alliance in June 2011 as the Manager of Industry Events. She is responsible for the execution of industry conferences, events and workshops. Ms. Fabiano also supports the Laser Illuminated Projector Association meetings.

Ms. Fabiano began her career in the advertising agency environment as a Media Buyer and Planner and then went on to own and operate two successful enterprises before returning to Association Management where she was the Vice President of Tourism and Business Development and later the Interim Director of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce on Cape Cod.

Ms. Fabiano received a Bachelor of Science from San Diego State University in Telecommunications and Film and has a Certificate in Nonprofit Organization Management from the US Chamber of Commerce; Institute of Organization Management leadership program. Michelle is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists. Additionally she is an award winning television co-host.

Krishna Raghunath - Project and Membership Coordinator
Krishna began her role as Administrative Assistant at FlexTech Alliance in July 2011. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Krishna provides membership information support, database maintenance, and assistance with workshops and conferences. Additionally, Krishna’s skills in photography and video production enable her to contribute to special projects and web site support at FlexTech Alliance.

Ms. Raghunath joins the organization with previous experience as an Executive Assistant and Program Director in New York City. She has worked with the William Moses Company and the Tandon Foundation in New York, honing her skills in social media research, project management and community organization.

Krishna has a BA in Cross-Cultural Relations and Photography from Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts.

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