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February, 2014

2014 Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference & Exhibition
Feb 6, 2014 - FlexTech Alliance
The 2014 Flex Conference Proceedings is a compendium of presentations from the foremost experts in flexible and printed electronics, as they shared their technical and business insights on the rapid developments in the field. Presentations include excellent overviews of the markets that are, or will be, impacted by these foundational materials, processes and equipment.

FlexTech Alliance Members: $425
Non-Members: $595

Understanding Flexible AMOLED Technology and Market Opportunities
Feb 3, 2014 - FlexTech Alliance
The recent commercialization of flexible AMOLED based smart phones signals an accelerating shift from R&D to production for the flexible electronics industry. In order to analyze the emerging market opportunity for both panel makers and supply chain companies, this short course provides detailed explanations of flexible AMOLED applications and manufacturing technologies. The course features presentations by multiple industry experts who will introduce key topics to understanding the entire flexible display value chain. Subjects covered will include market forecasts, costs, manufacturing processes, production equipment, TFTs, semiconductors, encapsulation, and materials technologies. Presentations will include discussions of fundamentals, challenges, current status and future outlook.

FlexTech Alliance Members: $149
Non-Members: $199

Design Characteristics and Considerations for Flexible Substrates Short Course
Feb 3, 2014 - FlexTech Alliance
End products targeted for flexible, printed electronics include displays, photovoltaic cells, sensors and signage. But, building products on conformable substrates presents new market opportunities, as well as novel manufacturing challenges. Surfaces expand or shrink, repel or absorb moisture, and can sag or remain taut depending on the materials and manufacturing processes chosen. Join subject matter experts from ArjoWiggins, Corning, DuPont Teijin Films and Lehigh University for an informative short course on conformable substrates. The intent is to provide a general background on substrates used in printed and/or flexible electronics manufacturing, their key characteristics, and near-term product applications.

FlexTech Alliance Members: $199
Non-Members: $149

Materials, Processes & Tools for Roll-to-Roll Fabrication of Flexible Devices & Electronics
Feb 3, 2014 - FlexTech Alliance
Printed and flexible electronics technology has advanced to the stage where inexpensively printing high performance devices through a continuous process promises to revolutionize advanced manufacturing. Emerging materials and processes will make it possible to economically generate high value-added technology products at meters-per-minute rates on plastic film, paper, or metal foil substrates, and to achieve feature dimensions as small as 10 nanometers over areas encompassing billions of identical devices. Relying on top-down and bottom-up nanoscale processes including nanoimprint and sub-wavelength lithography, directed self-assembly and additive driven assembly methodologies, future industrialization of this technology naturally requires scaling system properties while retaining the collective properties of the nanoscopic elements over macroscale dimensions. Meeting this challenge is a key to high-rate manufacturing of nano-enabled products and for establishing viable industrial-scale manufacturing platforms for continuous large-area roll-to-roll and print processing.

FlexTech Alliance Members: $199
Non-Members: $149

October, 2013

Energy Harvesting, Storage and Usage for Mobile Devices
Oct 30, 2013 - FlexTech Alliance
The advent of wearable electronics and extremely portable mobile devices is upon us. While many devices are envisioned - in markets ranging from entertainment to sports to medicine to the military - all have a common need for a small, reliable power source.

Elements of the power source include energy generation, storage, and usage. So, these workshop proceedings focus on the issue of obtaining and supplying power to wearable and mobile devices. Photovoltaic power sources, thin film batteries, and novel forms of energy generation/harvesting and storage are all of interest, as well as electrical and mechanical interfaces.

FlexTech Alliance members $99.00
Non-members $169.00

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